Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Invest In A Funeral Bond

What is a Funeral Bond? It is a safe and effective way to put money aside and accumulate benefits to help meet the future cost of your funeral expenses. It is your money invested in your name, it earns bonuses that top up your bond.

Many people worry about how they will pay for their future funeral expenses.
A Funeral Bond is a simple solution to this problem. A Funeral Bond is a special way to set aside money to help cover your eventual funeral costs.
F. Greed & Sons recommends Lifeplan Funeral Bond who are a leading Australian specialist fund manager with total assets and funds under management of over $1 billion.

Lifeplan has a 164 year tradition of looking after the wealth and financial security of over 100,000 clients. These funeral bonds are capital guaranteed.
Will your pension be affected? Money invested in a Funeral Bond is not counted in the means test used by Social Security and Veterans Affairs. This means that investing in a Funeral Bond could, depending on your circumstances, result in improved pension entitlements, there are no entry or exit fees. Many people take out a Funeral Bond when entering a nursing home to reduce their assets.

When investing in a Funeral Bond it is important to file a copy of the receipt with your Will and tell your family or Executors.
F. Greed & Sons recommends when completing a Funeral Bond it is wise to complete a pre-arranged funeral, then file both details at our office.
For more details on Funeral Bonds please call F. Greed & Sons to receive a free information booklet.

A simple, secure investment toward future funeral expenses.